As a husband and father of 3, this young man has always worked hard and provided for his family, so this is out of his comfort zone but at this point I know he would be very thankful and feel very blessed to receive this.

He had his first stroke in 2014, and after many tests and doctor visits he has been diagnosed with MS.  Since 2014 he has had at least 10 TIA (mini strokes) attacks.  He has lost all mobility in his right side of his body, his right arm is limp and he drags his right leg, and he has had to learn to do things with his left hand.  He is unable to speak correctly due to the attacks, his speech is slurred, and there are times that he just falls or loses his sight for hours at a time.  His wife has to help him get dressed, take showers, and little things like not being able to cut his own food up, is just heart wrenching.  He had worked in the oil and gas industry as a dispatcher throughout these years but unfortunately due to the economy and the pandemic they let him go in March 2020.  He was able to draw unemployment, in which all has run out.  He is struggling, feeling like a failure to his family, not being able to be the caring father and husband that he has always been.  He has filed for disability which is something he had to swallow his pride to do, things are going slow but it is still in the works.  I have bought the kids coats and bought groceries and helped where I can but it is not near enough.  I know that God has a great plan for him but he just can’t see it right now.  He did have an interview, which he was more than qualified for, but he feels that this disability got in the way.  As a dispatcher you must be able to communicate clearly as well as many other tasks, in which he cannot do.  He did get hired at a convenience store about a week ago making an hourly wage which is not near enough but it’s a start and he does have his physical for disability this month.  It breaks my heart that he has given so much and cared for so many people that he is struggling in this way.  I would ask that you please consider him and his family for this amazing blessing this year. 




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